Monday, April 22, 2024

How to use Kodi with SMB on Windows 10 (and wireless printer on wired PC)

With latest versions of Kodi, SMB protocol is not as easy to set up as once was. I spent a day trying to figure out how to make sharing over SMB work with Kodi. I have seen advises saying that the SMB version should be changed to SMB v1 in settings but that was not necessary in my case - default settings works. There are many reasons that could prevent file sharing over SMB and I'm no expert, but I will show the steps I took in order to make things work.

Following steps are also useful for when a wireless printer is not accessible by a wired computer. 



Router AP Isolation

If you have a NAS or simply use a Windows PC to share files using SMB, you first need to make sure that the wired devices can communicate with wireless ones. AP isolation is a feature that prevents your wireless devices from connecting to other networks. It can protect your network from other wireless networks and also protect it from infected devices. This can be disabled in the router settings. In my case I have an ONT router type so I had to contact the ISP and ask them to disable this separation.