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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Setting preferred units in Eagle CAD to metric or imperial

If you want to set Eagle CAD to display units in either metric or imperial, there is a simple command to do this.
SET Interface.PreferredUnit n
where n can be:
0 - the default value. Eagle decides if will display metric or imperial
1 - imperial
2 - metric

To change current units in Eagle CAD, simply paste the command in the command line, replace the n with your preferred value and press enter. To confirm that it worked, open the DRC window.

Changing from metric units to imperial in Eagle CAD
Imperial units in Eagle CAD DRC window

Changing from imperial units to metric in Eagle CAD
Metric units in Eagle CAD DRC window

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Eagle CAD Tip | How to export PCB layout to an image

If you are planning to make your own PCBs, using toner transfer or UV exposure methods, you will need the layout image and maybe the silkscreen. With a little script file this can be done in a few seconds in Eagle.

Export a PCB layout image in Eagle CAD using script

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Eagle CAD Quick Tip | How to remove unwanted copper pour

Beautify your PCB with this quick tip. A short video on how to remove unwanted copper pour around some traces in Eagle CAD without increasing the clearance between tracks.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

EAGLE CAD Tips | How to Add Custom Image Logo to Your PCB

Adding a custom image logo to your PCB can make your project look more professional. In the following video I will demonstrate how you can quick and easy import an image in Eagle CAD and place it on your PCB. You can place graphics on copper layers to be etched or on silkscreen to be printed.

In this video I show as an example a USB to UART board. Eagle expects a Bitmap image with less than 256 color depth.The text image was made in Inkscape and since Inkscape can't export Bitmap (.bmp), I exported the image as PNG, then using IrfanView I lowered the color depth to 2 colors and saved as Bitmap.