Thursday, June 25, 2020

How a POV propeller display works

In part 1 on How to make a POV display we talked about the hardware and schematic. In this part 2 we will dive in how the code works and why the POV (Persistence Of Vision) display is so cool and fun to play with.

How a POV display works

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Build a wireless energy POV display propeller clock with Android app

A POV display aka propeller display/clock is a display that uses the Persistence Of Vision (POV). By turning just a few LEDs on and off at a specific position around a circle, a full display that would normally require hundreds of LEDs can be created. This illusion of a still image is due to the eye's slow refresh rate. Without this perk we would see moving pictures instead of videos and obnoxious LED lights caused by PWM in daily life.

If you think about it is is an interesting and fun project to experiment with. This will be more obvious in part 2 where we will discuss the code and the basic principles. It can be used as a clock or display text from internet in real-time or for image display.

Here is a video with the POV display controlled by an Android app. Needless to say it looks better in person. The display can be styled by different LED colors.