Saturday, June 24, 2017

Homemade Cheap ESD Safe Electronics Storage Box

Storing and finding electronic components can be a pain. I tried many solutions over the years until I found a solution that suits my needs - making boxes from 2mm plastic sheets. The cost is very low and can be made in whatever sizes you need.

Homemade Electronics Storage Box DIY

Custom box for storing electronic components

All boxes have the same external size 25 x 25 cm for stacking them but the size and the number of compartments inside can vary.
Homemade Electronics Storage Box DIY 2

Even though the box is made out of plastic the components are protected from ESD. Notice how the pins of the through hole parts are pressed inside a conductive foam. Also the SMD parts like microcontrollers are stored on conductive foam or inside ESD protected tubes.

Homemade Electronics Storage Box DIY 3

Indexing electronics parts inside storage boxes

Each box has a label with a number and each compartment has a number. A spreadsheet is used as an index and each part is associated with a box and a compartment number. Inside a compartment there can be multiple parts if they fit. For example 1k, 10, 100k resistors and the manufacturer code can be written on the package for tracking.

The label holder is made out of pvc raceway for masking cables and the lead is hold using scotch tape as a hinge.

The index spreadsheet file can be downloaded from here as an example

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